Joshua Cribbs' biography closely parallels that of his younger brother, Ryan, yet his
personality and other interests are very diverse.  He was enrolled in piano lessons at
age three in Savannah.  After a move to Flowery Branch, Georgia, at age five, Joshua
was once again enrolled in a similar music program, along with three-year-old Ryan.  
For a year and a half, both were also in a home school band, followed by three and a
half years of drum lessons.  Joshua, at age nine, and Ryan, age seven, began to take
music theory classes at Brenau University where they have advanced to the ninth
year Honors Level under the instruction of Dr. Priscilla Jefcoat.

Joshua's current piano studies with Joey Hokayem largely include classical music;
however, he enjoys playing a variety of styles.  His many achievements in theory, as
well as solo and duet piano performance have won him recognition of the highest
award at both the local and state levels, and master classes with internationally
acclaimed concert pianist Jon Kimura Parker, and Stephen Clapp, former Dean of
Juilliard School of Music and award winning violinist .

Among the highlights of Joshua’s musical experience include two performances with
the acclaimed singer/songwriter Buddy Greene at the Douglas and Capitol Theaters
in Macon, Georgia.  In 2007, his winning the Athens Music Teachers Association
Scholarship Award allowed him the opportunity to attend the Annie Moses Band Faith
Fine Arts Academy.  Joshua and Ryan also attended the 2008 academy.     

God has blessed Joshua with many multi-faceted talents and an entrepreneurial
drive.  At age twelve, he started a lawn care business, which rapidly grew causing
him to hire his brother.  This business enabled him to purchase his first violin, and
eventually led to his taking lessons with Mrs. Valerie Gardner, a graduate of Curtis
Institute of Music.  His years of piano, drums, and music theory lessons gave him the
foundation to progress quickly to an advanced violin repertoire.  His most recent
interest, violin making, has resulted in an invitation for Joshua to begin an
apprenticeship at a local violin shop.  In addition, Joshua has a passionate love for
cars.  Through this interest, his artistic ability, as well as the inspiration of car
designer Chip Foose, of the television series,
Overhaulin', Joshua has rendered
many drawings on the subject.

He and Ryan especially enjoy playing piano duets, as well as other instruments such
as harmonica and melodica.  The melding of their talents and love for varying genres
has created much interest and repeat performances for audiences across Georgia
and beyond.
Ryan Cribbs began piano lessons at age three, and is currently studying with
Joey Hokayem in Athens, Georgia.  Inspired by such artists as the Five Browns and
Richard Goode, he is driven by a desire to play his best, and continually exceed the
expectations placed on musicians his age.  

Like his brother Joshua, Ryan has had many highlights throughout his musical
career.  These have included two performances with Buddy Greene, creator of the
Christmas song
Mary, Did You Know?  Ryan also had the opportunity to attend the
2007 Faith Fine Arts Summer Academy offered by composer Bill Wolaver, and his
exceptionally talented family, known as the Annie Moses Band.  Ryan again was
awarded that same opportunity in the summer of 2008, after having won the Athens
Music Teachers Association Scholarship award.

Ryan often enjoys playing duets with his older brother, thus the title of their website,  They, at age ten and twelve, performed the
Hometown Band
duet for an audience of 4000, and in 2006/07 received the
Georgia Music Educators Associations highest award for its performance.  The
two have gained notoriety both locally and nationally from articles in the Gainesville
Times and the Oxford American Magazine, as well as 276,000+ visits of their
combined YouTube featured videos.

His solo and duet performances have afforded him many awards, including  
recent scholarships from both the Gainesville ProMusica and the Athens Music
Teachers Association.  Ryan has held the title of Georgia Music Educators
Association “Recital Winner” for the fourth consecutive year, resulting in his four
performances at the G.M.E.A. state conference in Savannah, Georgia.  He has also
received additional awards from the Georgia Music Teachers Association for both
piano duet and solo performance, as well as a recent award as G.M.T. A. “Recital
Winner” for 2008.  This award gave Ryan the opportunity to perform in the November
2008 Georgia Music Teachers Association Convention at the University of Georgia.  
He has received two certificates for achievements in the G.M.T.A. music theory
exams.  Ryan is currently in the ninth year Honors Level music theory program with
Dr. Priscilla Jefcoat.  

In 2009, Ryan began studying cello with Mary Alice Swope of Gainesville, Ga, and has
recently been awarded a Superior rating for his performance of  
The Swan by Saint
and Budapesto by Carey Cheney.  In addition to this award, Ryan also recieved
a monetary scholarship and will go on to perform  at the Gainesville honors recital.

Reading and writing are among Ryan's favorite pastimes.  He has written more than
twenty biographies on the lives of many great composers.  He has recently started
writing his first book, entitled
Jacob, which is a fusion of fiction and non-fiction,
inspired by pillars of literature such as Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, and G. A. Henty.  
After having written only the first three chapters, inspiration struck resulting in the
music that will eventually accompany the story.  

Much credit for Ryan’s musical success goes to his first music teacher, Mrs. Pam
Garland for instilling in him this priceless gift, a challenge to “never give up.”  Thus,
according to Ryan, “Piano is not just an instrument I play, but a passion I am caught
up in, a swirling current that catches one up like the waves of a raging sea.”
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