Welcome to "The 2 PianoPlayers" Web Site

As customary, Joshua and Ryan have played piano solos and duets in recitals and
piano competitions throughout their years as musicians; however,
they have also enjoyed performing for audiences across Georgia and beyond.  
Their venues have included private homes, businesses, retirement facilities, special
events, large department stores, fine-arts theaters,  and churches.  
The instruments they perform most are piano/keyboard, and harmonica, but have also
included: recorder, song flute, drums, violin, accordiian, and melodica.

The 2PianoPlayers Mission Statement:
To create and perform music of varying styles, which we
endeavor to present with skilled excellence, to bring joy,
inspiration, and a message of faith, to people of all ages,
as well as to future generations.

Our mission statement also includes our grandfather's legacy;
"If you mean to do a job, and mean to do it really, do it not by
halves, but fully, freely."